Sinclair’s Codex


More than a 150 NPC, all illustrated, easy to insert in your campaign, with comprehensive statblocks and story hooks. From civilians to main campaign antagonist, the NPC you need at any given moment is in there for you.

**Hardcover book purchases include a PDF in screen reader-friendly format

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Sinclair’s Codex a NPCfolio divided in 7 chapters, all featuring different types of NPC to fulfill all your campaign needs.


A collection of workers, shopkeepers and villagers to instantly add depth and details to your world.


We all know the drill ; roll for initiative, combat starts, everyone gets excited. Fast forward two turns and it feels like any combat against three humanoids with short swords.

“You get ambushed by Nine Lives Terry, Brutal Crag and their pyromaniac friend Crazy Jack. ” has got a much better ring to it. Use our traveling encounters to spice up your impromptu combats on the road.


The telling of heroes, past and futures, has captivated audiences for centuries. As a GM, you can leverage this power to engage your players. Our heroes can provide an ally for your party, a moral compass for your dubious band of thieves or even a righteous adversary for your villainous players.


The lone wolf is a cliche of storytelling, and for a reason. Mysterious, ambiguous and often unbelievably cool, wandering strangers make for great exposition tools, unexpected concerned third parties or in extremis party rescues. Our Lone Wolves are easily insertable into any campaign, with a wide array of themes, morality and possible use to fit all your needs.


A story can only be as good as its villain. Many campaigns are written around a villain, a world ending threat to defeat. But sometimes, it is too early to reveal the ace up your sleeve. You need a side villain, someone to keep your adventurers busy while true evil conspires. This is where our villains excel. Find the one that fits your needs the better, use the appropriate plot hook and wait for your players to bite.


Writing individual characters is one thing. Creating complex, believable and intricate organizations is another. But the devil is in the details, sometimes literally. A corrupted city council to expose, climbing the ranks of a thieves guild or hunting down a group of evil cultists plotting the apocalypse, there is no shortage of use for a well written organization in a campaign.


The main villain, the driving force behind story arcs, the reason adventurers get out of bed in the morning. We all know the classics, world ending treath, return of a lost enemy or ominous prophecies to prevent. But sometimes, your story isn’t one of good against evil. Nuance, duality and moral quandaries make for memorable stories. Our Nemesis are designed to make adventurers wonder, could they maybe have a point ?

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