Sinclair’s Almanac


The first release of Sinclair’s Library, Sinclair’s Almanac offers more than 150 player options for your table. From new classes and ancestries to full sub-systems, the Almanac offers something for every step of your character’s creation and journey. All in a beautiful high quality hardcover book that’ll look great at the table or on your shelf.

**Hardcover book purchases include a PDF in screen reader-friendly format

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With 2 ancestries, 2 classes, 32 subclasses, 23 archetypes, 3 variant rules, 50+ feats and 50+ items (including 21 new magical tattoos), you are bound to find something for you and your table.


A new way to tackle the topic of curses, the Cursed Archetypes are designed to grow and evolve with your character, matching mechanics and storytelling, offering new abilities but also drawbacks as you level up. Will you try and resist it ? Will you embrace your fate ? Or will you risk it all and attempt a tricky, but rewarding, balancing act ?


The proverb ” A meal for a story is a trade you always take ” probably describes the Bovian culture best. Peaceful people living in large communities, they value the arts of craft, the beauty of nature and the love shared around a fire. But peaceful and harmless are not the same, and one would be wise to know the difference before taking the risk of angering a Bovian.


Roaming the world in search of new experiences and knowledge, kronags make for great traveling companions. Their many lifetimes of experience always provide great stories, and gnosites are always happy to share them. Despite being mostly pacifist, preferring to resolve conflicts through understanding and compromise, their near impenetrable skin and strong connection to the earth plane makes them dangerous adversaries and powerful allies.


Brand new martial class, Thanators are all about living on the edge. Strong front-liners, they thrive only when feeling the touch of death, when hearing it’s wispered call … only to escape it’s grasp once more. A perfect class for players looking to challenge themselves and seeking a high risk high reward playstyle.


Though some may find power in books, gods, or some form of patron, you draw power from the primal forces found in your own vitality. You might find yourself sacrificing your own health for the benefits of your companions, try to get a hold of your foes vital forces, or form a unique blood bond with some magical beast. A new primal caster designed for players enjoying playing a support role, but still appreciate the chaos of the front line.


Old and obscure magical art, vitamancy enable its users to manipulate the forces of life. With powerful healing magic capable of transfering life from one vessel to another, war shamans agitating the spiritual essence of their allies to trigger battle frenzies and the dark arts of blood magic, vitamancy is a very attractive practice to those who seek power. But magic always comes at a cost…


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