Sinclair - Fictional

The face and voice of the Library, Sinclair is a scholar through and through. After living a few centuries of adventuring, as one does, he retired in his tower. Over the centuries, he has been watching, researching and documenting the world. And now, it is time to let the world benefit from the fruit of his labor. And so he began the tedious task of formatting, compiling and classifying the content of his notes, and create tomes of wonders for your sight.

Brogan '' Nonat '' Kelley - Founder

Known and beloved figure in the TTRPG world, Nonat has been covering Pathfinder content for over two years on his Youtube channel " Nonat1s ", exploring each design in details. His role as a content creator also allowed him to build a strong connection with the Pathfinder community. He now decided to take both his knowledge and community relation at the service of the 3rd party industry.


Natthan Senteni - Founder

Maestro of the operations at Sinclair's Library, Natthan is what many would call a skill monkey. Between his game design studies at Dawson College, his years of experience in tech startups and his time working the Esports industry, he has fully embraced the concept of transferrable skills. During his first year as Nonat1s producer, he and Brogan started laying down the foundations of what is today known as Sinclair's Library.

Nathaniel '' Ninesick '' Himawan - Founder

Nathaniel's talent as an illustrator has been proven time and time again. From big video game studios like Riot Games and Hi Rez Studio, to the TTRPG wolrd, working for Wizard of the Coast, Critical Roll and now co founder and Artistic Director of Sinclair's Library, the only thing matching Ninesick's talent is his skill diversity.


Matthew '' Obscura '' Ninness - Lead Designer

More commonly known as "Tabletop Obscura", Matthew has been part of the Pathfinder community for ages. Between his involvement in the homebrew world, various Discord servers and his live streamed games, Obscura has proven himself to be a dedicated and loyal friend of the TTRPG community.

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