Generic Updates 2

We have spent the last few weeks getting everything ready and making sure we can welcome our amazing writers and artists into a smooth working environment. Here are the latest news from the Library:

The Work Begins !! 

Monday the 20th is the day we officially enter production mode. Administrative duties are taken care of, the work environment is ready, our dream team has been recruited, and it’s time to get creating.   

Backerkit Survey

We have hit the two week post campaign mark and the Backerkit survey is ready to be sent. In a few days, you can expect to receive an email with the link as soon as it is live, and you will be able to select all of your options regarding game system and VTT system.   

5e Conversion Director 

We are proud to announce our 5e Conversion will be lead by David N. Ross. David has had extensive experience converting content from one system to another, including but not limited to the Abomination Vault Adventure Path (5e) for Paizo and the Sandy Petersen Cthulhu Mythos book. 

Chief Editor 

Our other latest addition to the team is Isabelle Thorne as chief editor. Isy has a stellar track record both as an editor and as a game designer, and will undoubtedly help bring the Library’s content to the next level, unlock the true potential of our junior writers and provide solid support to our veteran designers.

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