EU Shipping Update

We are happy to announce to our EU backers that we now have an estimated shipping cost in which we are confident. Balancing the different options to reduce shipping cost for the backers without increasing shipping risks due to logistics took some time, but we now have a few different plans of action lined up so we have options and leeway to work with when shipping time comes.

We can estimate the shipping cost for the deluxe package to be around €22. The reason we build our estimates on the deluxe package is simply because it is our more voluminous and heavy pledge tier. If you only ordered both physical books, you can expect your shipping cost to be slightly lower, and if you ordered only addons with your PDFs, you can expect the costs to be considerably lower.

Like with the other regions, this may vary slightly at the time of shipping, but we are confident we can keep things around that price unless extraordinary circumstances.

We hope to have met the expectations of our EU audience, and thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this issue.

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