Generic Updates

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for your continuing support. 110k and counting, we are moving one stretch goal at the time and it’s all thanks to you.

110k Stretch Goal

Speaking of the 110k Stretch Goal, we have an update coming soon regarding the Organisations, with some sample content to showcase better what they are, what they are meant for and how to use them.


Having reached the 100k stretch goal, we are graced by the presence of a guest writer, Luis Loza, who will be writing some content for the Almanac. We are honored to have him working with us, and cannot wait to see what he will be cooking up for you.

5e Conversion Director and Chief Editor

We have been discussing back and forth with our two top candidates for these roles and are getting ready to announce who they are soon. We are confident they will both bring something unique and personal to this project. More to come.

Demo Content

There has been some request for demo materials,  notably from the 5e community and we have heard you. We are at the layout stage of releasing a Demo PDFs, containing some Almanac player options as well as the Organisation sample, for both PF2 and 5e. Hopefully this will help our backers get a better feel for the type of content we are working on.

Brazilian Localisation

We have been approached by Tria Editora, a publishing company in Brazil, to handle the Portuguese translation, and the production and distribution of the Library in Brazil. The team at Tria Editora has extensive experience, and most have worked on official Paizo localisation projects.

Upcoming FAQ

We will be doing another FAQ video in the following week to answer questions. If you have any unanswered questions, reach out to us here, on the Nonat1s Twitter or Nonat1s Discord Channel. We will compile the questions and answer them as best we can.

That’s it for today. We know we haven’t been communicating much in the last week of the campaign. A lot of things are up in the air, pending confirmation or too early to commit publicly. But rest assured, our team is working relentlessly behind the scenes to put everything together so the creation process can go smoothly and the writers can truly focus on creating quality content. More news as soon as they come.

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